Oregonian to….Idahoian? Ew

So kitties! I’ve moved!

From my home in Oregon to……..ugly ass Idaho. At least my part is kind of ugly. Moscow…..no Not Russia, I should hit the shit out of you, but Moscow, Idaho. My parents moved to Alaska roughly in April. Bastards. I’m crying! I’ve been abandoned! Mom’s photo from AK.


Aaaaanyways, I was down in Pendleton helping them pack and get ready for the moved almost every weekend for a month so I did spend sometime with them, though my mother bawled like a baby. With them gone and the Bunny (boyfriend for those who don’t know) who moved in September of last year, I was kind of alone. I was however working pretty hard in the pharmacy to become a Tech. I was talking to the Rx manager in Pullman,WA he said I needed to move within like 30 days so I can have the job at his Rx.

I made the move. And it fucking sucked. I despise moving. Let me correct myself, I despise moving my shit. I’m a solitary creator at heart. $600 later and popping as much OTC pain pills allowable, I hate it. Mind you I do have a Hot topic, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body works, and a panda express in one mall. Not to shabby. But I’m n Oregonian at heart. Born and raised I reckon. I do not pump my own gas……except…now I do…with the Bunny to supervise me. Have you seen the picture of the girl who looks like me from the side? No well ‘ll drop it below, I had friends asking if it was me. IT’S NOT! the Bunny even said it looked like me.


Oh on top of all this, I also needed to transfer from Oregon Board of Pharmacy to Washington. Which has to worst board fyi. I’m still waiting to work ad I’ve been here 2 weeks meow.

Anyways kitties that is my update for those, who might….or might not be paying attention.

I have a shit ton of social media sites for feel free to add me or message me…..or hey become a kitty fan!



Instagram @Versaivex


Love you all…..don’t move to Idaho……




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