Kitten in a Cap and Gown

Hey everyone!

It feels like forever ago that I had written something on my blog, but since I am graduating on June 13th I thought I’d share some insight into the life of an Anthropology student.

By no means am I the top student or the smartest. My mind works in the opposite direction then everyone else, but I seem to fit into Anthropology just fine :3.

Anthropology is the study of human’s across all time and space. This will sometimes include animals an almost always objects. Growing up, my father had my brother and I around World War Vets of all ages. We learned to sit and listen to the stories that we were told, which has proven so very helpful to both of us over the years. This was almost 17 years ago. Ill turn 22 June 14th and my brother will turn 30 on June 10th. So with 8 years between my brother and I, we both had similar experiences but took different things from this experience.

Throughout high school I wanted to be a nurse. My mother at the time had multiple brain tumors and I knew that I wanted to help people. For Oregon in general, you have to have straight A’s in all classes and that still does NOT give you a spot. After my first term at Eastern Oregon University, I knew that I would just waste money on trying to get good grades. While I talked to my nursing adviser she suggested taking a few random classes to quench my thirst for helping people. So I took a Sociology class, which tends to focus more on societies and world/social problems in populations. I clicked with my professor immediately and though I did not really like the idea of working on world problems, I knew this was the beginning of my new major.

So as I sat down this new professor, he suggested I take my Anthropology classes early an get them done sooner rather then later. So I agreed. Spring term of 2012 I sat in the from row in front of the professor podium. I really didn’t know anyone, so I kept to myself. When the professor started talking about culture personal space she used me for an example. She walks flush against my desk and I look up at this woman who has to be almost 6 feet in height. “Megan, does this bother you that I’m standing in your bubble?”. I look at her a little more and shrug and say no. She looked confused for a second, because everyone else she had seemed to have issues with people in her space. From that very incident I knew she was going to be my adviser. I knew Anthropology called to me in a way that nothing ever had before. Because Anthropology is a holistic study, you can do just about anything!

3 Years Later……….

I’ve struggled in the last few months with my capstone project. This being my senior year here at EOU, I work almost full time as a cashier at Riteaid and on top of that I’m being a pharmacy technician as well as going out and surveying with my professor for the forest service. I have never struggled so hard in my life, I’d much rather have my depression then struggle like this and to me that is huge.

As I sit here at my desk writing this all I can think of is how far I’ve come. How many people I’ve lost in these 4 years. Stop asking what I’m going to do with it, I  don’t fucking know. No one does yet. All the graduates are on edge because we will be walking in front of family and friends in less then 8 days. Finals start on Monday and as I’ve watched all the students on campus I know this is the week that everyone breaks apart.

Don’t let it get you down folks, We can do this. We can do what we did for the other finals weeks…..not drink heavily to get your work in, but take a few minutes to relax and don’t stress. Congratulations class of 2015.

We are the next big thing for our communities. May your lives take you to great and far places but never forget where you have come from and where it all began. Do not let that fire inside your heart and head die.

Blessed be loved one, Blessed be.


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