Hypocrite or contradiction?

Hey all! It’s so great to be writing again and this time I’ve chosen a topic that I will try to stand on neutral ground on. I’ll try to write this as a humanitarian in a way, but also to inform those who are “blind” to the common issues we face today in society that go against the “old Norms”.

I’ve heard my entire life phrases like,” It’s just not done”,”Well, in my day this just wasn’t right..”, you get the picture. Of course I was raised with some old war vets and the older generations, but this is 2012. The youth finally have a huge voice, but what they say and what they mean are two different things. I am for gay rights, I have my reasons and people I want to protect. This goes for adults, elderly and youth who are LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans gender/ sexual, Queer or Questioning). But they do not have the same rights as Heterosexuals. 


I wont go out and bash on religion because that would make me look narrow minded and hypocritical. Religion, however, is a large drive to the anti gay right. The bible was written so many years, we have no one from that time that can really tell us what the texts were meant to say. Like I said earlier, what you say and what you mean are two different things. You can spend your life, thinking that the bible is written this way and this is how it was meant, or you can be open minded and still question the meaning. 

Main point? You can read the bible and love it just the same, but remember that WE don’t really know what the words truly mean, because we have an era difference.


I’ve heard this line more times in my life then I have ever cared for. I get that your family is a huge influence in raising you and I’m not saying it’s wrong. But I encourage you to be your own person, grow from what you’ve learned in your family and their beliefs to what YOU want to believe and be who YOU want to be. I know everyone wants to be accepted into their own families, but it’s the differences in beliefs that makes us who we are. 

Here is a personal story for you. I was riding the bus home from school( mind you this was sophomore year in high school). I was one of the oldest kids on the bus and I was viciously for Gay Rights. I got into a discussion with some Freshman and I gave them an example and questions. “What if your absolute best friend came up to you one day looking scared and told you, because he trusted you, that he was gay”. Sadly I already knew the answers I would get from the 3 freshman boys. The one that spoke the most drove me insane. This is what he said pretty much. “I wouldn’t ever let him stay the night with me ever again, that’s just weird. He’s be like all in love with me.”

Let’s get this myth straight, just because someone comes out to you as Gay (or any other types), it doesn’t mean 100% that they are into you. You are a close friend to them and they want to stay friends with you because who knows who will ditch them.

Sadly with my personal story we know how coming out to the Freshman boy above would go over as. I am happy to say as he has grown through a few grades, he has become more tolerant and not as verbal, in public, about gays. This all still comes from what families teach their children, because chances are that’s how they were raised as well. Wanna know something? It’s time to break that chain. Even if you are not for gay rights, as I know a few people that are not, at least be neutral and respectful of the people’s choices.


Now this is something I want to touch on a little bit because I only know a little about this topic but not enough to write a billion words about it. The fear of Gays, Lesbians you name it, is usually called homophobia. This can usually be related to earlier childhood events to where the child was male dominated and might be scarred for the rest of their life. This is also a life long fight with finding your own personal dominance, one that starts in high school and gets pretty extreme in college. Proving your dominance will not make you more dominant, sorry guys! Your trying to prove to yourself that you are masculine and not the slightest bit of gay. Truthfully I find it foolish, because if people are judging you based upon these actions, then you most likely have the worst crowd of friends ever.

Fear is what blinds us from how we really feel. We betray our families and our friends. We close ourselves off to the world.


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