A year without the sun……

As I sit here typing you this post, I picture several things in my head. One being someone so special to me, but is not related by blood.



As you, the readers, know my blog posts are usually about the things that happen in my life, starting from high school. The blog I wrote a year ago, August 14, 2012, was about this person. About how much she changed my life, without me even knowing it.

I’ll start with a simple memory that I know several people I know can relate too.

In my high school hallway on the third floor my groups of friends use to sit down for lunch and complain and rant about people, teachers and life. This hallway was a rectangle. we sat at one of the shortest sides, with our backs to those light grey/ blue lockers and face the white brick walls with high rectangle windows. Some of us were not so lucky when we would get hit in the eyes with the sun most of the time. Well……it looks something like this…….

Image Before you ask, yes it is pink bubble wrap and yes it was our spring finals week stress reliever!


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