What I want right meow

Hello people of the blogging world and my stalkers on facebook & Meetme!

I decided to write this post because:

A. I’m not blunt enough to say what I want or need


B. I’m actually pretty shy O///O

So enjoy my list of needs/ wants/ would loves etc…..

1. I would like an ice machine in my dorm please.

2. I’m looking for a mate, not a boyfriend.

3. I’m unsure of how to approach the person I like, even when we hang out.

4. I’m extremely shy, but I have my bold moments.

5. I believe in closing your eyes when you kiss someone.

6. I would love to be swept off my feet.

7. I would love to receive flowers from someone who likes/ admires me.

8. Favorite features on the Male race: Eyes.

9. You know I’m going to be bitchy if I keep a straight face and then get a cocky grin on my face and run my tongue over one of my k9’s.

10. Wrapping your arm’s around me, will most likely make my heart pound.

11. I hate being called sexy, hott, etc. Learn to be unique and then attempt to talk to me.

12. I hate when people lie to my face, when I know the relative truth.

13. I’ve been in love twice and I will N E V E R regret it.

14. Heartbreak made me stronger.

15. I love having my hair played with.

16. I love to softly pet whoever is cuddling with me in bed :3.

17. I hate waiting for a reply to a text message to that special someone. I either think I’ve done something wrong OR the person doesn’t like me anymore.

18. I’m unsure about how someone feels about me until they tell me 100 times and show it.

19. I need a man to know how to do stuff, plumbing, building, cars, etc.

20. I need someone to challenge me in a relationship.

21. I’m self-conscious about my body and some parts.

22. Every now and then I get cocky and know that I influence the male race ;D.

23. My mother’s death affects me more then I let on.

24. I need someone who can tell when I’m sad, even if my face doesn’t show it.

25. When someone hugs me when I’m upset, sad or frustrated. I will cry. I hate that, but need it.

26. I’m not really a lazy person.

27. I love walking around with that special someone.

28. If I poke you, it means I’m showing you affection and I’m unsure of how to communicate it without being rejected.

29. I feel like my weight is holding me back from finding my mate.

30. I feel like I’m annoying him and it makes me sad when I can’t tell.

31. I’m confused almost all the time.

32. I’m very perceptive of other people.

33. I’ve never had a romantic dinner date.

34. I love getting dressed up in a dress and  high heels, but again issues with my body.

35. I wear makeup, because I think it brings out my eyes and lips.

36. I get complimented a lot, but I question whether someone means it or not.

37. I fight with myself for a few hours on whether or not to ask if I’m annoying someone.

38. I usually can’t tell you what I want.

39. I get really worried when I’m not sure if the person feels the same way I do.

40.  I love playing with my dog because it allows me to forget life.

41. I can be called beautiful and pretty a million times and not believe it.

42. I trust people too easily sometimes.

43. If you fuck up in my book, you’re out of my life.

44. I have one best friend, who was a huge crush, and now we don’t talk. I hate that.

45. I love it when I can talk with someone for a few weeks, but then it kind of goes dead. What did I do?

46. Most of my exs lost interest in me.

47. I want to help people.

48. I hate my feet, they are just…no…..

49. I feel that if I love and give that someone enough of me, then they won’t need anyone else.

50. I just want a damn mate. Not a “fun” relationship. something serious and worthwhile. 

51. If I think you’re annoyed with me, I will try really hard not to text you until you text/ call me.

52. I prefer calling vs. texting. I love voices.

53. For some reason I think I need a lot of different perfumes…..I don’t…but I love it so!

54. I love receiving jewelry, silver. gold if it is something special to someone.

55. If you think my Facebook post is about you, it most likely is and I’m trying to communicate with you and give you hints.

56. Night and Nite are different in my texting. If I send you night or good night, you’re fine and I’m content. If it’s Nite, then I’m wanting to know what you’re feeling for me/ I could be upset also.

57. I hate when someone tries hard to get you, then once they have you it all goes away. I’m not afraid to walk away.

58. I’ve been broken and no one fixed me. 

I fixed myself.

59. My first true love bought me roses and since then I haven’t been able to like them, but I’m starting to again.

60. I like getting little gifts from someone special. It means they thought of me.

61. I love receiving small kisses, just means so much more.

62. If I tell you “I love you” I mean it.

63. I’m scared that no one will really love me or be able to handle me.

64. I want someone to N O T give up on me for once.

65. I currently love the songs :

Free to be me by Francesca Battistelli 


Love like Woe- The Ready Set.

66. I love getting songs dedicated to me, even if that’s how you tell me how you feel.

67. You have to be able to joke with me and not take life seriously. This means I like you.

68. the songs I listen to are usually how I feel. Those are words I normally can’t say out loud, due to be shy or rejection.

70. Yes. I know I skipped 69 :P.

71. I’m so jealous to see my friends happy in relationships, getting engaged or married. Because I wont have that for a long time.

72. I’m scared that I won’t find anyone willing to put up with me.

73. I wonder what  I look like to you. What about me stands out above the rest.

74. I missing having someone around to hold me and love me almost all the time.


75. I just want to be happy and hold on to it.

I hope you enjoyed this.

I take blog requests!


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  1. I have to say that if you see this, I didn´t know about you or you blog: http://vexsplayground.wordpress.com/

    December 8, 2014 at 2:03 am

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