Another term down. By a Second year college student.

As the weather quickly took a dump on the Eastern Oregon University campus, it became apparent to so many freshman that their lives are starting to take off.

While I am a second year and I know what to expect, (most of the time :<), I didn’t expect to isolate myself as much.

My financial aid was totally screwed up toward the middle on Fall term, which made me move to the Upper class men “residence hall”, which is alright, I detest moving though!

Now this upper class men dorm is apartment style, which means full kitchen! without the microwave :/. But there are four bedrooms and two bathrooms. When you first walk into our suite to the left is the kitchen. Upon that there are two bedrooms to the left and right of the suite. Luckily the girl who is on the same side as me, doesn’t really live here, so I get the bathroom to myself…..well okay my boyfriend is here a lot so I share space with him too.

The two on the other side are really cool, one is pregnant and leaving this term sadly while the other is a senior, who is graduating this year.

So let’s see…….we have 4 people in the suite. two are moving out…..dear god I have 2 empty rooms…..which will probably be filled…….grrrreat!

On top of all of this, it’s finals week. As I will be passing all classes with Bs and Cs It’s still stressful and so funny to watch people freak out, haha!


Luckily I haven’t had anything bad happen this term…yet ugh!

My mother passed away in the middle of winter term and my friend also passed away right before I went off to EOU.

As sad as I am about both of this people who meant so much, I know there are people who have it so much worse then I do.

It’s going to be a sad and long Christmas for everyone who have lost someone in some way, I understand :3 Keep smiling though, even if you don’t get what you want to Christmas. Be thankful for what you have on this earth right here and right now!


Oh the rantings of a college student…..I don’t know why I’m writing this!

happy finals and happy holidays…..or whatever doesn’t offend you!


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