100 True facts about me

Hello kittens!

Thnak you for spending time to read this because I’m going to write what I feel and how I think. Please feel free to agree or disagree, because I’m just happy to be me :).

so I’ll tell you 100 facts about me,

enjoy! ❤

  1. I Never call myself beautiful
  2. I don’t see what other people see in me
  3. I’m highly insecure about my relationships
  4. I’m afraid of my past reoccuring
  5. I want to honestly be loved and cherished
  6. I’m so greatful for the wonderful people in my life
  7. I hate looking at myself in the mirror
  8. I always seem so confident but I never feel so
  9. I always smile and laugh to try to hide my feelings
  10. I try so hard to tough out rough situations
  11. I love looking at the sky and wondering why and how
  12. I crave the one person who will always love me
  13. I’m normally a moody mess
  14. I go mad when I hear people say Gay as stupid
  15. I’m really a weak little girl looking for an escape
  16. I’m highly depressed and can’t figure out how to get out
  17. I love being held by everyone
  18. I’ve had my heart broken so much all I feel now is numb
  19. I love writing stories and poetry 🙂
  20. I love huskies 🙂
  21. I think waaay too much
  22. I’m loud on accident
  23. When I’m quiet I’m thinking about all the things I’ve done wrong
  24. When I say I’m fine, I’m lying 😦
  25. When I’m alone i nthe dark I have bloody horrible ideas
  26. My thoughts scare me
  27. I miss the one person who truely made me smile
  28. I miss how life was when I was younger
  29. I wish there was a switch the turn back time
  30. Sometimes I’m obnoxious
  31. I love the water and love swimming
  32. I love playing with sharp objects
  33. I feel worthless all the time
  34. I try my hardest not to cry infront of others
  35. I always fall for people I know I can never have
  36. I pick fights with the people I like/love all the time to get their attention 😦
  37. I love being complimented but I never except it
  38. Sometimes I wish I’d have overdosed a long time ago…
  39. I’m never really happy when I’m at home
  40. I do better if I have a lot of pressure on me
  41. I get mad easily
  42. I don’t like guys that never compliment of make their ladies feel better
  43. I’ve never received flowers from anyone besides my family
  44. Sometimes I feel forgotten and very very dark
  45. I love taking pictures
  46. I’m scared that I’ll never be enough
  47. I feel like no one can really understand
  48. Getting yelled at by a boyfriend or my father will make me burst into tears 😥
  49. I wish life really had an easy button
  50. I’m annoyed easily. Yes me! haha no way right? well it’s true
  51. I suffer greatly from Deep Depresstion almost all the time
  52. I usually feel like nothing
  53. I question my singing abilites :/
  54. I’m ashamed of myself highly…..
  55. I don’t think I’m a good daughter
  56. I wear a lot of makeup because it makes me feel better
  57. I don’t like being the center of attention, but I’ll do it if a friend doesn’t want to be
  58. I don’t think I’m a good leader
  59. I wonder what guys see in me
  60. I don’t think I’m a good friend
  61. I think I’m ugly, at least…..thats how I feel most of the time
  62. I’m terrified to be hurt again, yet it happens repeatidly
  63. I can be over confident most of the time
  64. I feel better when I’m all alone
  65. I hate when people keep bringing the same stuff up over and over again, after I tell them to stop
  66. I feel as if a bf can find someone better than me all the time 😦
  67. I wonder what I’d be like if I was blonde……again
  68. I hate being sterotyped
  69. <—-this number sucks 😛
  70. I feel like an outsider
  71. I’m miserable because I’ve done things I shouldn’t have done and I have to see it everyday on his face
  72. I love vampires ^.^
  73. Black makes me feel more attractive
  74. I’m sad because my bf doesn’t think he should have to compliment me all the time 😦
  75. I’m nothing without something weird in my wardrobe
  76. I usually have a snappy come bake
  77. Sometimes I feel like I shoudln’t say anything at all and disappear
  78. I love love love! invader Zim!
  79. The stupidest little kid lines in movies are the best!
  80. I wonder why I decided to tell everyone this
  81. Maybe this will lead to my realization
  82. I hate pink X.^ ewww
  83. White should be call invisable 🙂
  84. I’m terrified to move on in life after high school
  85. Sometimes my life doesn’t suck…shocker!
  86. I want people to notice me
  87. I hate being called sexy
  88. I love music
  89. I love being a weirdo
  90. I wonder if I’ll ever inspire someone
  91. How can people write so damn good?
  92. I have a personal hit list *rubs hands together and laughs*
  93. My heart starts pounding when I’m about to webcam with my bf O///O
  94. I don’t like being stared at, they migth see my flaws
  95. I feel like I’m full of holes
  96. I hate my body
  97. I wonder who will make me smile next 😦
  98. I love thunder and lightning storms :0
  99. <——wishes unfufilled 😦
  100. I have issues and I think I  like it bleh!

This really does have a meaning I swear. Sometimes people are highly insecure and utterly depressed. That’s ok, it really is. Everyone has it at a certain point in their life, some worse than others. Whether you all believe me or not, your you in your own way, and I’d love to know if you accept that.  Taking compliments is hard, especially when you never feel as the people say. I’ve had a tough life, but I know there are a lot more people who have had it worse. When life gets you down dawn a fake smile and press through, relief will come for you, in what way you ask? I have not a clue. I know you’ve heard people say time heals everything, well it doesn’t. It’ll numb you to a liveable level, the world is just crude that way. So do me a favor, when ever you feel non exsistant or any of thee above, email me r write your own blog and mention it to me. I’m a really good listener.

Always know that someone loves you. It might not be prince charming of the love of your life, but someone, somewhere does care. It’ll be a little while to find them.

Thank you for reading!

Email: Serrine78@live.com

“Life is NOT black and white

it’s a

R  N  B  O  W



3 responses

  1. Hey Meggity! Even though I write every other day, I never get down to the absolute nitty gritty like you do. This post really did inspire me. I loved it. How could I not? You are an amazing writer and a true inspiration. I love you dearly, even if you don’t know it. I consider you one of my true friends and someone I hope I’ll always be in touch with. So keep on writing and making the world a little better, one step at a time.

    April 12, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    • Thank you Peggity!
      I was hoping to inspire people of all ages and all mind sets and it seems it worked 🙂

      April 13, 2011 at 4:57 am

  2. Woohoo!

    April 15, 2011 at 1:18 pm

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