Is Fag really just a word????

Honestly people?

I’m the president of my High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance and I’ve never liked the word gay or fag.

I’ve done my own research and well I heard a lot of people say that “faggot” is just a word to use when you don’t like someone.

Let’s start with my history shall we??? Well I had a really really good friend named Baker. He was an absolutle sweetheart kind hearted and loving. But obviously his family didn’t like gay’s. Baker was totally gay and adorable too 😉

His father would beat the hell out of him with his fists or an object. many times he’d get shoved down the stairs. Between that and everyone in his family, except his grandmother, hated him and would never talk to him.

This is not an experience that I would wish on anyone. what you say really does effect people and will always effect people.

I fail to understand why people use this stupid terminalogy. I guess I just don’t get people 😦

Well if you have any questions or a little bit more explaning my experiences just email me!


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